Linda Tien

Art and Writings


20″ x 30″ Copic Markers

Birth to a new light, black nose,white noise,

Lifted, bright to your sight. Fight to shiny heights.

Straw bury baddies keep me high, but I keep falling

Lub dub step into everlasting nights.

Flick the mic, call for apple crisps, grape maul,

In the beginning life was light and right.


Squeak a lot, soiled in my square plot.

Heart beat to teats, beets, treats.

Finicky, to be skinny, but hmm mm tasty bok.

Grubbin and chubbing, to be silly,

Bellowing den my end, but no pick-me-up,

brr hum, my call in heat, but no stick-to-pick-up.


Savior of mine, a life aligned to my sign,

Lay me down in beds of purple cotton,

In your glittery green igloo.

Cinnamon named, nuzzled and maimed,

A sweet song, sung to thee,

A strum of the banjo, piggy seen.

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