I received my MD in 2014 at age 28 after over a decade of nonstop schooling as a full time student. Where was I going? I always knew the answer to that question, and that’s why I was lost. Now I ask myself, what will happen next? and I love that I can say, I have no idea! I have spent the last two years until now, wandering through chapters in my life that I never had – gainfully employed in an entry level job as a substitute teacher, (and now teaching biology at a University), making friends outside of school and medicine, and finding time to pursue interests that I’ve always put on the back burner. I will return to medicine one day, but just not yet. In these past two years, I have grown to become a teacher, a marathon runner, and most excitingly, a visual artist.

I am a dreamweaver. I find where my heart wants to take me, from the depths of pain to the hopeful joys of life, and I let that guide the flow of my art. Underlying all of my work is the nirvana of knowing God’s beauty on earth.

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Art displayed at Ale and the Witch in St. Pete, FL through April 2nd, 2017