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20″ x 30″ Copic Markers

Hello, welcome to my story…Dance moves me here. Please don’t let me get lost; keep the rain off me…Is there anything up there? What a small life we lead, but look how beautiful we are. No, it’s more than a  beating heart. No, its more than cells…Can you see it within you? Even in your tears… Even when you’re judged, ashamed, sick, neglected, abused…Even when you hate, lie, use, cheat, hurt… Even when you are in the dark and you’re scared or angry, it’s ok to just be. Is there a silver lining? Come bail me out of this God forsaken precipice. God is within us: love, hope, faith, beauty, kindness, honesty, integrity, individuality, happiness. All that is good…but it is up to us to recognize it.

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